About Me
I am a graphic designer in the San Francisco Bay Area with a wide range of skills across print and digital design including brand identity, publication, marketing and advertising, event graphics, web/UI, and illustration.
I am a huge proponent of design as a creative problem solving process that is much more than just making something look good, as the aesthetics are really the decorative "icing on the cake." In essence, design is a way to convey information through visuals. It is about developing an effective and meaningful solution to a particular problem, an objective, or a need. 
I always consider how a design should strategically engage the target audience with maximum impact and communicate the intended message to its viewers and/or prompt them toward a call to action. To help clients craft their story visually in a clear and compelling manner, I use purposefully selected design elements with much consideration given to color theory, typography, composition, and language to evoke a specific mood or shape user perception toward a piece of work.
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