As the sole creator of this infographic, I worked on all aspects of production from start to finish including research, content writing, illustrations, icons, and layout design. This was a self-initiated project that allowed me full creative control to experiment with visual elements, define the art direction, and produce entirely original artwork of my own to enhance visual interest and understanding of the material.

The target audience is college-age/millennial content creators and creative professionals consisting of designers, artists, musicians, filmmakers, and generally anyone who may be interested in creating new works or reusing existing ones. While copyright is undoubtedly a serious topic, the idea is to maintain its significance while taking a more informal approach to engage viewers via the visual style, color scheme, and typography used throughout.
The information presented in this infographic stems from my own research and views regarding the subject matter of copyright law, based on credible online sources, and is intended to convey a basic overview of the topic. It does not constitute nor substitute for legal advice.

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