By offering professional development programs for member banks, the Western Bankers Association (WBA) aims to educate and connect bankers to help them achieve personal and organizational excellence through conferences, seminar trainings, webinars, and enhanced education. 
As the in-house Graphic Designer, I was responsible for the design and production of all marketing collateral while maintaining a consistent visual style in accordance with brand guidelines.
Digital design materials that I worked on included email header banners, social media cover images, mobile app image assets, and general website visuals, a few of which are featured below.
Web-based Images
Image assets such as these were used for the web, whether posted on the website and/or included in email marketing campaigns to accompany text blocks.
Bottom left logo: Formerly Western Independent Bankers (WIB) prior to merger
Email Banners
Email banners, typically sized at 650 x 200 pixels, were embedded within the header section of email marketing templates. These banners usually displayed the subject or title of an email and were often accompanied with a related visual of some sort.
WBA Mobile App Assets
Mobile banners were specially designed for WBA's event app which was used at multiple conferences. Small icons also uniquely identified each event and were displayed at the top left of the interface as well as in search results. A splash screen with the WBA logo appeared at the launch of the app before transitioning to the event's home screen.
Social Media Cover Images
Cover images made for certain social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn) were used to promote upcoming major conferences and included the dates and location of the events. However, the cover image currently displayed on WBA's YouTube channel is general and not specific to any event.

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