Groupeezz, a social networking app for moviegoers, was a concept formed by a small startup team I was a part of that introduced a unique way of connecting strangers based on shared movie interests. While the mobile app was still in third-party development, I worked with a teammate to design and code a simple landing page with a responsive layout as a starting point for our new website. Originally, the main call to action was to subscribe to the mailing list for future updates in anticipation of the app's launch. However, further development of the app ceased as the startup later rebranded and pivoted in a new direction with a change in name and core product offerings.
Redesigning the original page
Years later, I decided to revisit this as an unsolicited redesign project of my own to improve and expand upon the original page (this time without the need to code so I could focus entirely on the creative output), envisioning what the page might look like if the app had been published.
Tabletop Displays
I also worked on print designs such as booth displays for trade shows and other events. The tabletop displays below have been modified to complement the visual style of the redesigned landing page for consistency. The left display summarizes the app's main features and indicates a demo that was available for visitors to try out at our booth. The right display is a check-in sign for advance movie screenings hosted by the Groupeezz team as promotional events that were free to attend.

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