By offering professional development programs for member banks, the Western Bankers Association (WBA) aims to educate and connect bankers to help them achieve personal and organizational excellence through conferences, seminar trainings, webinars, and enhanced education. 
As the in-house Graphic Designer, I was responsible for the design and production of all marketing collateral while maintaining a consistent visual style in accordance with brand guidelines.
Event materials that I worked on included large format display banners, retractable banners, directional signage, function tickets, registration booths, hotel keycards, and other types of on-site collateral used at multiple conferences. For popular resort destinations where events were held, it was common for signage and other conference branding materials to prominently display photos of surrounding city landmarks and/or of the hotels themselves.
2019 Annual Conference
The following banners for the 2019 Annual Conference contained the title, date and location, and tagline of the event and were displayed on-site at the resort. The large banner measured 72" × 36" (6' × 3') and was mounted on a stand. The smaller sign measured 24" × 36" (2' × 3').
2018 Directors Conference
Aside from event banners, a set of conference materials also consisted of other print assets, including but not limited to, the following examples for the 2018 Directors Conference: a magnetic stripe hotel keycard (double-sided), retractable banners (one of which featured keynote speakers), and other marketing collateral such as a promotional event flyer (double-sided).
2019 Education Summit & Regulatory Compliance Conference
For most conferences, an instructional card was distributed among attendees detailing information on how to access the event mobile app, which consisted of the agenda, sponsor and attendee lists, and other interactive features.
Aside from the conference's main events, attendees were given a set of tickets that admitted them to various functions and social activities or provided single-use benefits like a drink voucher. Because tickets could be sponsored items, some displayed the sponsor's logo at the top right.
2018 Education Summit & Expo
On-site materials from the 2018 Education Summit & Expo — under the former company name Western Independent Bankers (WIB) — consisted of registration booths, directional signage (including one with the event name and another with a clear sleeve for swapping session titles), a conference schedule booklet, and an entrance arch (with a step and repeat pattern alternating the WIB and a sponsor's logos). There were also a few number of retractable banners such as one that featured keynote speakers and another that acknowledged all sponsors of the event.

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